FairTax Scorecard

For 2012

Presidential Candidates


I maintain this scorecard to reflect direct or indirect campaign positions regarding The FairTax in particular and Tax Reform in general. Individuals are urged to send info (and corroborating sources) if it looks like I misrepresent the positions of any candidate.


The score by each name ranks the candidate according to his/her level of FairTax support and/or apparent concern with Tax Reform. Sources are their official website, speeches and interviews.


The Republicans:

·         Strongest FairTax supporter in all regards. Always has been … always will be.

·         He strongly supports the FairTax but favors a gradual transition to it after educating Americans and eliminating estate taxes, capital gains taxes and taxes on repatriated profits.

·         Strict Constitutionalist so he CAN’T support an Income Tax. But won’t co-sponsor HR25 either.

·         "I'll vote for the FairTax if it comes up because I have made a promise that I would do anything to get rid of the income tax and the IRS, and repeal the 16th amendment and that FairTax certainly moves it in that direction."

·         Intrigued but cautious

·         "I love the FairTax. If we were starting over from scratch, I would favor a national sales tax." However, she has refused to co-sponsor HR 25 because she believes "we would end up with a dual tax, a national sales tax and an income tax."

·         “The fair tax is leading my list” for tax code reform but he more regularly touts federal simplification such as un-taxing savings and investment while eliminating corporate income taxes. 

·         Although briefed multiple times by FairTax experts he maintains “...the FairTax is a good idea but I’m not yet convinced it’s a doable idea...” He supports a dual system of the current tax code and an optional flat income tax which keeps payroll taxes and the IRS. 

·         “The FairTax has a number of great, attractive features...” but, “if you’re not able to amend the US Constitution and get rid of the income tax you’re going to end up with both.” He proposes a two tiered, flat income tax along with payroll taxes and the IRS. 

·         Says he supports lower taxes in general but won’t get specific about anything.

·         Has consistently dismissed and/or ridiculed FairTax since 2008.

·         Understands parts of the FairTax but has misrepresented others and currently favors lower taxes on businesses.


The Democrats:

·         Not enough redistribution. No way.

·         FairTax.org has briefed his staff about the FairTax. When asked about it in the past, he said he believes it needs more study.




Congressional Scorecard